Wotcher what you been up to, and how Ya doing? It's lovely now being able to write me own stuff now in me own way, knowing that some clever dick with a dodgy A level in English Lit, isn't going to re-write it all and crucify my style in a magazine. I've only just started and I can spot 7 grammatical no no's already, but Hey Ho! Whoops there's another one. That is in fact the reason I decided to stop contributing to magazines. People I met used to tell me they enjoyed me stuff, and in a readers survey I was told by one of the staff that I came out top as the contributor they liked to read best. But after a while when a certain chap joined the staff of a LR magazine, he took great delight in massive re-writes with added paragraphs with his lame witticisms. Some of them he even boxed and highlighted within the text. All of a sudden I didn't sound like me anymore, my stuff read like a naughty schoolgirl who had been given the keys to the sweet shop and put in charge of what was published. Anyway I aint bitter I'm a lot happier now paddling me own canoe. Sure it's nice writing in magazines having a voice, but I don't regret what I did. I'm not pressured by deadlines anymore, and when I want to, my chums, I can drop something on here that one or two of you may hopefully enjoy. 

ME LAND ROVERS (and the Ford Ranger) 

How's your Land Rovers going let me know if Ya want to? My Camel 2 door is up for sale just now, as I have other plans and I need to raise some dosh to progress them. I have brought a Discovery 2 TD5 into the yard and that will be me off-roader from now on. I got it as a non runner and ALL the inner panels had been taken out in an attempt by the previous owner to sort out "the bloody thing won't start, and its driving me nuts" nonsense. I didn't mess about I chucked it straight into a local auto leccy specialist, and they sorted it in a trice. They replaced the Body Control Module with a second-hand one and a matching key and its fine now. It's previously been used a lot off-road and thus a bit battered, which I shall sort out later with a panel straightening session followed by a lick of army drab. It has decent tyres and a winch and snorkel, so it will suit my plans just tickety boo. The Camel Classic is getting on for 39 years old now and deserves to go to someone who will cherish it. But I aint fussed if it don't sell. I will keep it and stash it away, get a Classic Car policy, pay the tax monthly, take it off SORN and use it when I want to. Sorted.


As I write this I'm getting ready for the Billing off road show (the proper one at Billing) and all the paperwork is now up to date and everything's in place. This will be my 11th year of organising the marshals team on the off road course and they are a great bunch, and it's a pleasure to be a small part of the team at this show at Billing that is now in its 29th year on the original site. The off road site I run on behalf of the landowner at Elham in Kent is going well. This is my second year, and we have had 38 days bookings this year so far. With Barrie Holt and his digger with Barry Fawsett taking a turn, and me standing by idly watching, we (THEY, at least be honest Chas!) have made a few more sections and we have plans to do some more when money and time allow. We got the 750 motor club coming back soon, and what these heroes can do in their little old Austin and Morris 7s, puts us lot with all the crap and kit we lash onto our 4X4s to shame. I love me new mountain bike, it's me 4th one. It's a German Haibike and it has a leccy motor to help me get back home as I'm flagging and running out of puff. I got a few routes that I ride out from home with, from a few miles round the block to get me heart racing, to 18 miles when I feel up to it. Well I am 74 now, wotcher expect? I took a wrong turn and ended up on me arse in a load of stinging nettles and brambles recently which caused much merriment from my so called Facebook chums. I came home and I looked like I had been attacked by a mad wildcat. All the scrapes are healing nicely now thank you for asking (as if) but I aint worried as I didn't damage me bike. Anyway I'm getting fed up now, so it's time for me to say me much copied - I might add - usual sign off. So till I Blogg again, Regards & Happy Rovering. I'd like to have a quid for everyone whose copied that!