Well have you been out peddling as well yet. No get on Yer bike then, what's up with Ya? Since I've had this new Haibike (thank you Don Hoaglin for the recommend,) I been slowly building up the mileage and I nearly did 20 miles one day the other week just a few tenths off. Bugger and rats. Writing this I just thought, why didn't I get back on it and ride round the block to get me twenty miles in? Probably coz I was knackered and nearly fell off it when I got back home onto the drive. These pro riders that do these tours are awesome heroes in my book, I just cannot imagine how these skinny dudes can ride in The Tour De France for instance and do these massive mileages everyday for 3 weeks straight. Me and Mrs Thorn watch the highlights every day on TV, and once you get the hang of how it all works with the breakaways, the peloton and the GC riders we both enjoy it.

It's not too bad in the summer when I get home soaked in sweat as it's warm in the garage as I take me day bag off me back and empty it, then struggle to get the sweat soaked shirt off me, and manoeuvre the bike backwards into the rear store shed on its stand. But I was thinking the other day as I got the chills on me, I will have to just dump it and close the garage door soon when it gets colder in the winter, and I arrive back home, and get indoors in the warm and get into the shower ASAP. I'm no pussy and I'm not a fair weather rider, I shall still force meself to get out in winter time. Oh yes I will.

I saw a cool drinking vessel also in Mountain Warehouse, and with a groovy bottle holder from Halfords Bike Hut, I'm sorted for a drink now. Then I saw these energy bars and gels that a mate who rides recommended to me, but I thought they was a bit dear. So a web search later and I buy them now by the boxful on line, that's much cheaper. It's amazing on a long ride how when the energy level dips, how a swift break a drink and a bar can give you a lift to help get this poor old soldier back home again. Don't forget if you see me out puffing away on the bike wobbling along, in an effort to get this old heart of mine racing, give us a wave. Mind, I might not be able to wave back at Ya see, coz I'm scared to take me hands off the handlebars once I get going.

I snagged some cool riding gear in our local Mountain Warehouse store recently and it's all black. No I ain't one of them Lycra Louts, you won't get me in that, I've not got the legs for it, and anyway I would look like a right mug. I got good lights and reflectors and I wear me Billing Off Road Experience orange hi vis over it, and I ride on the pathway on busy roads too. I don't want to end up mangled under a lorry thank you. There are a few free bike milometer downloads on T'internet, and meself I like Digi Hud. So I have that on me phone as well as the built in display that came with the Haibike.