What you all been up too then? I've gone a bit Bodmin over me new mountain bike. I love the technology of em, and this is me 4th one and it's got more bells and whistles then a clowns hat and a Morris Man together. Now if you gonna start reading this junk you better get used to it, as I will digress from time to time as things come in me head. So picture the scene right. Our Gareth was a young feller and he hurt his finger bad, it was actually broken. So we went to the A&E, and waited in the queue for a couple of stitches but in the meantime they sent us for an Xray. We are in this corridor outside Xray in the queue, and the lights go down as by now we been waiting a few hours and its nearly midnight. All of a sudden round the corner about 20 feet away we hear the sound of bells, chinging at regular intervals. Ching, ching, ching, it went and we all looked at one another and swivelled our eyes round towards the sound. Round the corner came this dopey looking bearded twit with a funny hat on, and he's hopping on one foot. Turns out he's a Morris Man and he's gone bum over tittyfalery doing a Morris dance, and twisted his ankle the daft sod, and he aint took the bells off the bottom of his legs. It was a proper Billy Connolly moment, and we all nearly wet ourselves laughing. Even now I'm laughing as a write this years later.

So digression 1 over, let's get back to the new bike. It's an Haibike top job German made, using all the best top quality parts from other suppliers. Unlike the first 3 this one's got a leccy motor running thru a big long heavy rechargeable Yamaha battery on the front down tube. Oh come on I am 73 years old for Gods sake, does your granddad still ride his bike? If he does I bet he would like some help going up hills as well. I just love this thing, when I first got it I made full uses of the motor (my little helper) but after a few weeks I don't need it so much anymore, even though it weighs a bloody ton, it really is heavy. The 4 speeds on tap are eco+, eco, standard and high, but I can just keep happily peddling away using the 9 gears on the chain ring a lot of the time now. Check out the electric bikes at Electric Bikes Kent Ltd on their site at at their shop near Maidstone Kent.