Out Clubbing It

I am a member of 2 local clubs the Invicta Land Rover Club and the Southern Rover Owners Club, and every year when I pay me subs I always swear that I will do more with my fellow members and go to more events with them. But if you are older and have commitments you will know what it's like. What with all the kids and grand kids birthday bashes, barbecues and other family stuff you are expected to show up to, plus writing sorting out pictures and struggling to keep old Land Rovers going, its always hard to get away. Over the Bank Holiday however we had one of the grandsons 15 year old Isaac over, so I took him and blooded him into the fold at a Cross Country Vehicle trial with the SROC, and we had a blast. It was held at Copford Farm in Sussex over a weekend of events where a lot of you will remember the last SROC run Nationals were held there. It's always a pleasure when the trial is set out by Gary Chick, who is able to come up with sections more harder than a left hand trying to scratch its own elbow, and his son George was driving Gary's truck with his younger brother Mick pointing the way. Unusual for any Bank Holiday here in the UK when it seems to always belt down with rain, it was actually a lovely day out with a good friendly crowd of old friends who I don’t hook up with as often as I should do. As the trial progressed Gary led us to the steeper parts of the farm as the drivers got bolder as the day wore on towards early evening. Also it was nice after covering a lot of extreme challenges lately, to be taking shots of what are so clearly defined Land Rovers. So many of the extreme challenge trucks I see these days, yes I know they are Land Rovers but more and more of them just don’t look like it any more. The first reaction when you see a lot of them is “Oh my God” mixed with “what the Devil is that?” But you know, horses for courses and all that. The main thing at these events is that everyone has a good day out, so not that it matters much but the winner was Dave Green with Terry Buss second and Keith Leonard third. George Chick the only novice in the field, was a creditable 6th from the 10 runners that came out to play on the day. Oh and Isaac had his first drive ever in Rivets with his granddad. Another one of us and one less of them hopefully, and something he will long remember.