When I was a lad I was bicycle mad and I rode in and out motor cars and now I'm a man I still ride when I can, with both hands on me handle bars Back in the day I rode a fixed wheel and gears were just but a dream I had to keep pedalling even going downhill coz if you stopped you'd crash and get creamed. Raleigh sit up and beg bikes were out soon with gears the Sturmey Archer 3 speed was the rage, and riding uphill was no longer a chore with the lowest gear fully engaged. Then one day by chance I saw the Tour De France and I now watch it avidly, but riders pounding up hills with their arse in the air that don't look like cool riding to me. You see I love mud and riding in crud and mountain bikes are my ride of choice, I whizz along on the tracks with my bag on me back singing at the top of me voice. Now that I'm an old fart I often run out of puff and it's harder to stay in the zone, so now on my new Ebike I have some help, a Jap battery helps me back home. I went to see Tony on a road that is stony his Electric Bikes Kent shop is neat, and after taking a ride on the rough track outside I went home with the pride of his fleet. My new German Haibike is top of the range just brimming with technology with Eco, Standard, and High now on tap, the electric motor's the mutts nuts for me. I still have to pedal but the battery cuts in and the motor now helps me up hill, but pounding along on the flat it's so fast it really can give me a thrill. t cost an arm and a leg to snag this new bike as much as a good used car, but with the help of that Jap battery, I now get home safely, and I'm so very grateful to Tony and many THANKS YAMAHA.