Well it’s been a while but how are you all? I know there is only one G in Blogg, but I add the last G in honour of an old pal Charlie Bloggs who looked after me when I was 15 and I left school and went to work as an apprentice at SEGAS my local gas board. Charlie when he was a lad worked on the steam traction engines round my way in Kent. He used to tell me all the tales, like how when they would harvest late into the night, he would sleep under the boiler to keep warm, until they started again the next day. I always thought that Charlie Bloggs was a great name only bettered by a pal I met when we had a caravan on a site in Whitstable Kent years ago. His name was Fred Drain. How cool is that? As Hazel and I drive around we have noticed that a lot of cars with new registrations are in different shades of grey. Loads of them. It seems to be the new in colour, and we have even seen a few in matt grey. I suppose the car manufacturers must look for new colour schemes, and our posh car the electric spice Ford Edge is never hard to spot in a car park as we tumble out of a restaurant. Hard to describe just what it is. It’s not yellow, gold or beige sort of a fusion of them all, and it sticks out like a camels hump in the desert.


After major surgery at the end of May I have had to take it easy, so I missed organising the Billing Land Rover Show with the team. First time I was able to get out on the lanes once more was on 21st September when along with 3 others, we had a weekend away on Salisbury Plain. Although Hazel is not mad about off-roading, she came with me to look after me, and it was good for us both to get away from home together. We had 2 very different days. On the Saturday when we arrived, like a lot of the Southern area of England, there had not been any rain for weeks down in Wiltshire. It rained on Saturday night however and in the morning, so instead of driving along eating the guy in fronts’ dust, it was one big splash in a mucky puddle after another. Just what we needed. Just before we set off from home, I had a major service on me Discovery 2 TD5 at Danny England’s and the old sludge guts went well all weekend plus the 200 odd miles to get there and back. So, I been thinking that its worth saving, and looking after it a bit. So, as the underneath is pretty solid, my plan is to get it steam cleaned, and then to take it back to Danny and have the chassis etc painted and then a good coat of undersealing applied.

As I didn’t feel too bad after a weekend jiggling about in me seat, I felt OK enough to be able put in an appearance with the Chas & Baz Marshals Team organising the Land Rover Monthly drive round weekend at the Billing Off Road Experience. It was a great weekend over the 2 days. Barrie Holt the Chief Marshal and I arrived first around lunchtime on the Wednesday before in his Discovery TD5 to start the set up. After a swift break we headed out onto the Riverside course first with the course furniture. The plan was for Land Rover Monthly readers to drive this first on Saturday morning, before heading off to the Riverside Course after a lunch break. Pretty soon some of the team started arriving and it wasn’t long before both courses were ready. Around 9am Saturday the drivers started arriving and we soon had them all driving around safely. Later in the afternoon at the Riverside it was an entirely different course with lots of slopes up and down and some side slopes as well for them to enjoy. Highlight for me of the weekend was on Sunday when Land Rover Monthly hosted a ladies’ driving day at the Lakeside, and it was a blast. I was so impressed by some of the driving and I applaud Land Rover Monthly for doing it. The feedback we had from the drivers and from Emma at Land Rover Monthly was nice, so all in all a grand week away with my team again. Looking forward already to the Billing Off Road Show in 2020.


Hazel and I were shopping yesterday at one of those DIY superstores, for some posh door handles for her wardrobe. While I was there, I bought a hat with 2 led lights in the front and a torch in a 3pin holder that is also a night light with PIR facility that comes on in the night as you pass it. Thought it would be handy for night-time pee breaks, beats falling down the stairs. Then Hazel said, “more lights, you’re obsessed with torches”. Blimey if she’s not right. I’ve been all round the house and in the cars and I am shocked at just how many I have got. I think I might need some psychiatric help here my muddy chums. Be safe out there now and see Ya soon. Charlie.